It’s easy to believe the myth that thriving entrepreneurs are over-night economic rockstars who possess supernatural powers of success. However, this is misleading. Overwhelming evidence shows the majority of seasoned entrepreneurs first had to survive multiple massive failures before seeing their first significant successes.

In interviews with most any successful entrepreneurs, the first thing they do is to emphasize the difficulty and hardship involved in their journeys. Entrepreneurship is not the path for everyone for this reason, and also because not everyone desires such a journey. Which is just fine considering there aren’t any unwritten rules defining “successful” adults as active entrepreneurs. There’s a narrative that has been built up around entrepreneurship as a benchmark for business success, but this doesn’t account for the other ways that professionals can find success and job satisfaction.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to be found successful in any sense, just as you don’t have to desire massive wealth or ultimate enlightenment to be considered affluent or evolved.

Section 1: Traditional vs Innovative
Being a business owner isn’t synonymous with being an entrepreneur; people who are defined by their penchant for high-risk innovative ventures. All entrepreneurs are business owners, but not all business owners are entrepreneurs.

Traditional businesses are the backbone of economies. While no enterprises are risk-free, the low-risk and high-predictability of conventional ventures, are attractive features and an excellent choice for anyone who find fulfillment from the idea of becoming a business owner without the compulsion to become an entrepreneur. They provide less risky opportunities to achieve growth, freedom, and multiple levels of fulfillment.

Section 2: Resilience & Hustle
Should you do decide to unleash you’re inner entrepreneurial into the outer world, keep in mind:, the path forward is not for the weak-willed or faint of heart. There will be stress, struggles, setbacks, and multiple levels of relentless obstacles scattered throughout the road ahead. Some of these challenges will even require you to evolve by making you shine a light on the skeletons in your closet.

If you find the idea of hustling through all of those obstacles intimidates you; it wouldn’t hurt to reevaluate the idea of starting up an accredited franchise or rising to the top of a local chain of stores.

Alternatively, if you find you’re struggling to hold back your excitement and can’t wait to start pushing yourself to hustle harder and develop the resiliency required to succeed in such high stakes games:, you might find more fulfillment in pursuing entrepreneurship.

Tenacity, resiliency, and unshakeable commitment are necessary to succeed as either an entrepreneur or a business owner. Self-generated energies required throughout the life of all ventures you take on; businesses don’t sleep, which is why there’s no rest for the wicked. Nor anyone who dares to become their own boss.

Choose what feels most fulfilling for YOU, as that’s the only “right” choice anyone can make and look back on fondly.