2019 welcomes a shift in the trends evolving in businesses. This change comes because the nature of office culture and work is changing. Workplace culture is shifting to align more with employee wants and needs. This is also establishing new rules for conducting business, and the shift will continue to dominate work environments across the country. The following are just some of the trends that companies will continue to adopt throughout the year.

Tight Labor Markets
While the national unemployment rate remains at historic lows, economists and industry specialists think the market will remain tight for all of 2019 across all industries. Businesses regardless of their size will compete with each other when it comes to hiring new employees. It is also essential to attract a more diverse workforce while offering your employees competitive compensation and excellent benefits.

Health and Wellness Benefits
Personalized health and wellness benefits are one of the most important perks of any job right now. With the cost of health insurance, it is good business practice to offer your employees great benefits. Keep in mind that employees are all going to want something different when it comes to healthcare, but offering a couple of different plans will allow them to pick something that works for what they are looking to get out of their benefits.

Transparent Employee Communication
Employer policies and employee health benefits remain a key trend each year. Giving documents to your employees that are fully fleshed out and cover everything that they know is the best way to be transparent with your employees. Make sure to include important workplace guidelines, procedures, and state and federal labor law requirements.

Remote Employment
The ability to work wherever and whenever is more appealing than ever right now. This perk allows for more travel and less time spent in an office. Starting to include things like work from home days will mean employees get the opportunity to recharge when they return to the office. Remote work allows employees to connect to the office via applications like Google and Skype. Spending time outside of the office will enable employees to focus more and be more productive then they would in an office setting where they could be easily distracted.

While these are just some of the trends that are shaping the workforce in 2019, it will be necessary for any business owner, manager or boss to stay on top of these things and make sure their employees getting the most out of their jobs.