lawrence auls

By now, it’s well known that building a successful business takes much more than a great idea or a significant amount of capitol. A successful business is a well-oiled machine, a delicate balance of work between many moving parts. It’s so complex, and in order to be a successful leader in the business industry, it’s important to understand the key concepts in how to obtain success and maintain it.

This may seem obvious, but I’m talking about the bigger picture. What if your company experiences a surge in growth? What does that mean for you, your company, your employees? What are you immediate and long-term goals? It’s important to have a clear vision for your company’s past, present and future in all regards, from workload, to pay raises, to product, you should be well-versed and well-prepared.

Hire for the future, not for the present. Don’t look at potential employees as suitable for the current job, but rather, search for the individuals who you know will exceed expectation and help evolve your business for the better. A team of employees that can seamlessly run a $3 million company is not the same team that can seamlessly run a $500 million company, so hire with growth in mind.
Also, understand the value of an individual’s skill set. Knowing exactly where to place an employee so that they’ll give you their best performance will only enhance your businesses productivity but will keep your employees happy.

Those investors that pumped capitol into your great idea and organized business plan in the beginning? Don’t forget about them. When you keep your sources of capitol in the loop, they’re more likely to help you down the road when you’re probably going to benefit from a surge of cash if your company is growing successfully.

Businesses can’t survive without some kind of customer base, and great customer service is everything. No matter how amazing, dull, expensive, or boring a product is, good customer service has the ability to change the customers experience entirely. Make sure your customers know their value through communication and transparency. Doing your best to understand them will help you stay one step ahead of their needs and concerns.

It’s easy to deviate from your focus with flashy ideas and potential revenue-generating products, just remember to stick to the business your company knows best. Good opportunities can soon turn into nightmares when your company isn’t familiar with a certain process and it can translate poorly with your customers. Stick with what makes sense!