Lawrence Auls

Business and Community Leader

Lawrence Auls

Lawrence Auls is a business/community development expert with over 50 years of hard experience . He is also an expert in negotiations at the neighborhood, municipal, state, national, and international levels. He currently works with Glow Light Emergency Exit Products (GLEEP), a company with a revolutionary new product ready for distribution.

Mr. Auls was a contributing author of the 1970 Alvin Toffler book “Future Shock” Along with other contributors, such as Jimmy Carter and Newt Gingrich. The book outlines a political theory where civic decisions are made with consideration of future events considered by the electorate to be probable. What results is that long term planning becomes factored in with more immediate concerns. In the book, Mr. Auls shares his experience leading the first principally African American neighborhood planning session to look 25 years into the future. His work in this field continues today.

Lawrence’s previous Business Development positions include, but are not limited to; LJA Marketing, LJBusiness Development Group, LISW, Mainway Wholesale Suppliers, and Forward Solutions. At International Electronic & Engineering, Mr Auls assumed majority ownership for and held Ohio’s first contracts for Oracle and Sun Micro Systems. During his time there, he transformed annual sales of $17,000 to well over $600,000.

Mr. Auls is working on nationally and internationally distributing the new game changing Hybrid Exit Sign, a feat that it putting all of his experience to work. As a consultant, he is often brought in when a company is in trouble, and his work is done once his client feels they’re on steady ground, He has had major success in doing this. However this is not the case with GLEEP. Mr. Auls believes this product to be revolutionary, and he’s not alone. An internationally known underwriter has certified the product and calls it a game changer.

Recently, Mr. Auls partnered with the Columbus Area Integrated Health Services Inc to launch Global Life Chances Improvement Initiative and better promote brain health in the African-American population of Columbus, Ohio. The “human brain optimization strategy” aims to look at brain health beyond behavioral health. WIth three different programs, Mr. Auls aims to target children, young adult males and individuals suffering from mental illness.

Mr. Auls has gained a reputation throughout the years as a businessman who can be trusted to take a business of large scale and bring it from one step to the next. Such is the life of a consultant. He has worked with countless startups and turned them into tangible & profitable firms. Lawrence Auls is looking forward to bringing this company further down the path of success.